I can’t wait to see her naked

I can’t wait to see her naked. Kate moss that is, she will be gracing the cover of playboy for its 60th anniversary which coincides with her 40th birthday in January. It’s not that I’ve never seen her naked before, in fact, I found it quite difficult to find editorial pics of her fully clothed. However, I think it’s great they’ve chosen a woman with size 34A breasts to grace the cover. I’m intrigued as to why they have chosen Kate, are playboy trying to change their image from tacky to trendy? Whatever the reason I must say I have never been so excited to see a playboy cover in my life. I think that type of excitement should be left up to horny young boys looking at the pages and dreaming of women and wealth most of them will never have. I imagine more women than men will be buying up the copies. I have been a Kate fan for years, in fact, it was her that influenced my early smoking and drinking habits, she looked so cool and I used to think “if it’s good enough for Kate Moss then it’s good enough for me”. I also used to adore her fashion sense, it just looked so cool, sexy and effortless. However there came a stage when I felt her style was more effortless and less sexy and cool. Although she always manages to look great, the usual trendsetter hasn’t set a new trend in years now, much to my dismay. This is why I think I’m excited to see her naked as there is no chance for her to disappoint.


Steph XxX♥

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